Social Media Training – Ipswich style

On Thursday the 23/02/2017, State Office attended Ipswich Library and conducted Social Media Training with six Ipswich Neighbourhood Watch group members.  It was great meeting these lovely group of volunteers that had given up their time to be trained as Social Media Coordinators for the their groups.

The District Crime Prevention Coordinator Sergeant Nadine WEBSTER made herself available to the group by supporting and organising their training.  Sergeant WEBSTER is an extremely dedicated officer that is very respected by her community.  She does an exceptional job in running numerous activities throughout the district.   Thank you Nadine for organising the space for learning and motivated people eager to learn.

1 Response

  1. Anne says:

    A great night of learning! Blogs are a great way to share information about what’s happening in the NHW groups. :) Thank-you to Nadine and to our lovely trainers for the evening. Got a lot out of it.


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